Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The best Pope ever

This last week, I was asked who I thought the best Pope was in history.

After considering this for some time, I came up with St. Peter, since he denied Christ three times and still became the Rock upon which Christ built His Church.

I guess that brings up the logical next step of who is the second-best Pope? In the United States, historians love to rate the presidents. Is that a common thing to do in the Catholic world?

How would one rate them? By saintly living? By what they achieved? By popularity?

I'm sure there are those who would suggest that one should not try and rate those who've been chosen by the Holy Spirit to serve as Supreme Pontiff, since the ways of the Lord are mysterious and not to be understood by Man. But it remains a question I've been pondering and I'd by interested in some feedback.

The quiz itself from which this question sprang
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I will try to answer them truthfully.

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Anonymous said...

The best popes were the first popes, like St. Peter, who had walked, ate, slept, and toiled with our Lord.
The first 50 popes were all saints, although one was not canonized, still was not considered evil.
These early popes were extremely zealous in faith and in the salvation of humanity, and most of them ended as martyrs.