Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vatican II... officially

Rick Lugari quotes Levada from Zenit saying that he hopes in 10 years time (in time for the 50th anniversary) there can be a new, precise translation of the documents of the Second Vatican Council in all the main languages. Read through Rick's comments after the Levada/Zenit quote. A lot of good insights that I agree with for the most part.

Fortunately, understanding Vatican II in an academic sense has no bearing on the salvation of our souls, so I have found it beneficial personally not to reflect on it too much. I assent to the Church’s teaching with heart and mind, whether I understand it in all its intricacies or not. Besides, there is enough written before and after Vatican II to present the Church’s teaching accurately without having to personally dissect VII in all its compromising ambiguity or to rely on the repugnant word of the Indifferentist and Modernist Spirit of Vatican II types.

Read all of Rick's comments at his post New Translations of Vatican II Texts Needed, Says Prefect from De Civitate Dei.

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