Friday, June 06, 2014

Surrender in Central Europe (and Japan)

The opening summary of the latest from Sandro Magister at www.chiesa:

The responses of the Japanese and central Europeans to the questionnaire for the synod on the family register the yielding of Catholics to the dominant “uniform thought.” But also the pastors' inability to lead 


Anonymous said...

Your title could be, Surrender in Chicago. I tried to find a Catholic therapist for a family member, called around and asked a few questions, and even the priest/addiction therapist in the diocesan charity office only had "Catholic therapists" on file who recommend masturbation. He was flabbergasted when I protested and said that altho he himself does not recommend the practice (he handles mostly anorexic behaviors), he sees nothing wrong with masturbation because it 'promotes relaxation.' The therapist he recommended promotes a particular book (I won't name it) which advocate the use not only of masturbation but also of prostitutes and pornography. The article you linked to don't even mention impurity, or pornography, any of that. We seem to have lost the concept of chastity and I don't know where Catholics will turn. I think all of us who call ourselves traditional ought to begin to keep of list of orthodox therapists, but what if there aren't any left?

Anonymous said...

By the way, Japan's 'outstanding record here may be related to the promotion of a particular author, Shusaku Endo and his influential fiction work Silence, in which a dream Christ convinces him to spit on His picture because it's okay to apostatize if you're tortured. This work is regularly recommended in Catholic circles as if we don't understand the words!!! Our recommendation of Flannery O'Connor is equally blind. It is as if we can no longer read fiction for meaning, and if a work has the adjective Catholic attached, we love it no matter what it means./