Sunday, October 09, 2005

All in the family

In light of the ongoing discussions at the Synod, when I found this article while browsing through a magazine (Esquire), I was rather intrigued. Unfortunately, I didn't have the cash to buy the magazine.

FATHER JIM MCGHEE won't hear his wife's confession. That would just be . . . awkward. Other than that, Ann McGhee is a parishioner like any other at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Keller, Texas, where her husband says three or four masses a week. Who sanctioned this scenario? Pope John Paul II. Back in the late seventies, an Episcopal priest from South Carolina named James Parker decided he'd had it with the leftward drift of his church, which ordained its first female priest in 1977. So Parker sought full communion with the Catholic Church, and the Church ......

Read the complete article Catholic Priests & Their Wives from Esquire.

In order to read the rest of the article, you'll need to either go find the October issue or be a subscriber to access the premium content. I only browsed through the issue and I'm not a subscriber. It looks pretty interesting.

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