Thursday, October 13, 2005

I can carve Christ better than you!

Someday, someone is going to figure out that a historically accurate film/television show based on the Renaissance would be a big money-maker. Not just for the non-celibate clergy or the constant tug-of-war between the Empire and the Pope, but just for the soap opera of the artists...

In Vasari's words, "Filippo said that it seemed to him that Donatello had put the body of a peasant on the cross, not the body of Jesus Christ." Angered by the comment, Donatello challenged Brunelleschi to do better, reportedly saying "you get some wood and try to make one yourself."

When he had finished the cross, the architect invited Donatello to lunch .

Vasari then recounts that "going into the hall, Donatello paused to study Filippo's crucifix and found it so perfect that he was completely overwhelmed and dropped his hands in astonishment... "Your job is making Christs and mine is making peasants", Vasari quotes Donatello as humbly telling Brunelleschi.

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(ANSA) - Ancona, October 12 - An art expert has uncovered a sculpture of Christ on the Cross he claims Salvador Dali made to thank an Italian friar who exorcised him .

Armando Ginesi found the piece, measuring 60cm by 30cm, among the personal belongings of Gabriele Maria Berardi, a friar who died in 1984, in a storeroom in Rome.

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