Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bertone: Caught In His Own Web?

Read this first by Magister.  The short version is that Cardinal Bertone, secretary of state, has in all his schemes overshot and is now just about out of influence to peddle.

The fact is that in appointing Bertone secretary of state, Benedict XVI thought he was making use of his sincere devotion and untiring activism to have him carry out those practical tasks of management from which he, the pope-theologian and –professor – wanted to keep far away. Bertone accepted enthusiastically, but interpreted the assignment his own way. The pope didn't travel much? He started hopping the globe in his place. The pope kept his nose in his books? He started frenetically cutting ribbons, meeting with ministers, blessing crowds, giving speeches everywhere and on everything.

With the result that the secretariat of state worked more for Bertone's agenda than for the pope. And the cardinal slips into his agenda, once again according to his own designs, maneuvers that are sometimes very ambitious and risky.

The rest of the article above and below the excerpt details the various major attempts of the cardinal to impose his will and how they failed.  Magister does not point out how Bertone's fellow SDBs have been placed throughout the curia, but apparently that strategy has not helped him get things through when he most wanted them done.

Depending on how long the Holy Father hangs on, I'm interested in seeing if Bertone will make it to the end of the pontificate.  That is if Magister is correct in his description of just how isolated the cardinal is within the curia.