Monday, October 10, 2005

Husar: Synod with Orthodox needed

During and after today's session of the Synod, Cardinal Husar of Kiev spoke out on the relationship between the 'two lungs' of the Church.

Husar then suggested that the pope call a new synod of the world's Catholic bishops to discuss the role of the Eastern rite church, saying there was a lack of understanding among other Catholics about its role.

He suggested Orthodox clerics be included in the meeting.

In an interview with The Associated Press after his speech, Husar noted that the late Pope John Paul II had frequently said the Catholic Church "breathes with two lungs" - a reference to the Eastern and Western halves of the church.

"At the moment we do not feel that the church is breathing with these two lungs," he told the AP.

Read the complete article Ukraine cardinal wants synod with Orthodox from The Mercury News.

A synod with a lot of Orthodox invited to attend would do what exactly? I'm surprised he doesn't just go all the way and make some noise for an ecumenical council with everyone, East and West, invited to attend.

There is an upcoming meeting of the group responsible for dialogue. I'm interested in seeing what they come up with as far as the issue of the primacy and other details. Husar seems really caught up in this whole ecumenism with the East, though he seems to not realize his very own position in Ukraine is a large part of the problem (or so it appears).

I'm wondering though... In the interests of moving things forward, is the Patriarch of Constaninople willing to do an end-run around the Russians? What are his representatives doing in Ukraine? We'll see.

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