Thursday, October 27, 2005

Luckily, paranoia reigns

While Rome crosses its fingers and makes promises, one tends to forget that the PRC is a totalitarian regime and such regimes tend to be rather paranoid and implacable. Behold.

From AsiaNews:
Beijing (AsiaNews) – China puts the blame back on the Vatican for not doing enough to improve diplomatic relations. Kong Quan, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that the Holy See in China expects “facts” and not “words”. This is how Kong commented on statements by Cardinal Angelo Sodano according to which Rome is willing to immediately transfer its nunciature from Taipei to Beijing.

[...] "China is not able to understand that a division between state and church is needed; the government fears that, at a time of crisis, Catholics will obey the Pope more than China.”

From Pravda:
The Vatican must not interfere with China's internal affairs if it wants to restore diplomatic relations, Beijing said Thursday, responding to the Holy See's call for dialogue. [...]

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