Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comments on the Anglican Situation

Mr. Peter Karl T. Perkins of Victoria, Canada is one of many contributors to the comments over at Rorate Caeli. In one of his various comments, he asserts that after the Traditional Anglican Communion and those of the Church of England who wish to enter into communion with Rome complete an organizational structure, the GAFCON/Global South community of Anglican churches will "join a uniate TAC within five years, bringing one-third of the world's Anglicans with them."

I bring this up because I wish to invite Mr. Perkins to lay out his thoughts on why the Global South and GAFCON would be willing to enter into communion with Rome when so much of their theology and practice seems to me more along the protestant rather than the Catholic tradition.


Anonymous said...

Have you emailed Mr. Perkins asking him to comment?...he recently reposted his address on Rorate.

Jacob said...

I have not, no. Mostly I just wanted to post rather than leave a comment since it seemed NC at Rorate didn't want to moderate my earlier comment, which was fine since it was kind of snarky. :D

If Mr. Perkins finds his way here, then that's cool. If not, that's cool too.