Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thoughts this eve of the Immaculate Conception

The Motu Proprio
According to Father Z and his travel schedule, the motu proprio (still trying to figure how how that is capitalized, both the M and the P or just the M or neither?) may very well be made public tomorrow. Father Z is guessing based on the fact that he'll be out of town and out of the loop. o{]:¬( But really, his post has quite a bit of informed speculation on both timing and content.

The Blue Mosque episode
I've been reading quite a bit of backlash lately in both directions.

1. The Pope prayed in a mosque! He caved in!
2. The Pope prayed in a mosque! So what?

I've seen good arguments on both sides. Here's a hypothetical question: If Hagia Sophia was still a mosque today and not a museum, would Benedict XVI be criticized for praying there?

Cardinal Hummes
I missed this last week. There's not really a lot that can be said. The issue was discussed, a statement was released. Case closed, right? Maybe Cardinal Hummes wanted to express himself and kind of feel the bounds of his authority as the incoming prefect. Unfortunately, he shot his credibility to hell with everyone who might have given him the benefit of the doubt due to Benedict's judgment.

The silver lining.
As one blogger pointed out, he'll be retired in less than three years and Sao Paolo is now freed up for a Benedict-elected bishop with new ideas on how to stem the outflow of Catholics to the protestant churches down there.

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