Friday, December 15, 2006


Rorate Caeli, from Father Z, from ACI Prensa, from unnamed interal sources:

Going with the whole "sources close to the Vatican" bit, ACI Prensa is reporting that the Motu Proprio "may be published after Christmas; while the post-Synodal [Apostolic] Exhortation on the Eucharist will see the light [of day] by mid-January"
Fr. Zuhlsdorf found the news first, and we are only sharing the wealth. Thanks, Father.

Rorate Caeli also has an interview posted. The interviewee has an interesting summary of Benedict's pontificate thus far. Bolding is mine.

[...] So the real question is, "who is Benedict XVI ?"

And this is a very difficult question! Who can give a documented answer? We can notice a very limited number of decisions and tons of rumors: I'm struck by the frenzy of the rumor-mills after the election of Pope Benedict. The contrast is sharp between this mass of conjectures and the rarity of the facts. The question of TLM freedom is typical: the rumor has been going on since ... the Summer of 2005 and we are in December 2006 without anything for real.

Mixed messages seem to be the pontificate orientation so far: audience to Bishop Fellay followed by another with Hans Küng in 2005; decisive speech of December 22, 2005 and a first encyclical everybody has already forgotten; appointments of cardinal Bertone and Archbishop Ranjith Patabendige Don on one hand, sudden and surprising promotion of cardinal Hummes in the middle of the French teacup-storm on the other hand; neutrality during the Synod of bishops (Fall 2005) when the topic was so close to J. Ratzinger's main concerns (the Eucharist); Regensburg speech and the visit in Turkey, etc.

With the noticeable exception of the December 22, 2005 speech, we don't have for the moment any significant decision or major intervention of the pope on the fundamental questions at stake for the Church. We can at least say he wants to depart from the style of the Wojtylian papacy: less travels, fewer Marinian shows.

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