Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Lost Kingdom

Daily Mail
The event, which is understood to be taking place on June 19, will be a secular event and will instead feature just a simple proclamation, as well as a military procession, in front of Spanish politicians.

Palace and government spokesmen have already said no foreign dignitaries will be invited to the ceremony, largely due to the late notice given to plan the event.

Even Prince Felipe’s father, King Juan Carlos, has signalled he does not intend to be at the ceremony to see his son take over his throne.
When Juan Carlos was sworn in a king, pictured above, it was a much larger affair than what is expected from the imminent coronation of Crown Prince Felipe, pictured third from right as a young boy. The event included a mass after the coronation which is not expected to be held this time around
A low-key secular ceremony.....


There is a reason sovereigns are styled Majesty.   They are majestic, venerable.  By divine right, along with lineage, tradition, and pomp, building up legitimacy over hundreds and hundreds of years.  And now the soon-to-be King of Spain is seemingly detaching himself from the foundation of his monarchy, from the outset.  No great ceremony to demonstrate the King's majesty.  No mass to celebrate the connection between God and the King.  And the old king, who is still alive, will not be there to show the connection between the present, the future, and the past.

It sets a bad precedent.  Without those things that make a monarchy a monarchy, why have a monarchy at all?

Yes, times are hard in Spain.  And HM Juan Carlos I is said to be abdicating partly because his popularity has nose-dived from scandal, such as a hunting trip during a time when one-in-four Spaniards are unemployed.  But I think personal extravagance is one thing.  While spending some Euros on the coronation of the king is a necessary investment in the legitimacy of the monarchy.

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I followed a link on my blog to yours, to find you'd added me to your roll. Thanks! I am not posting very much recently, as I am writing a sci fi novel which is almost finished. It's traditional Catholics on the run--to a hidden asteroid. Interestingly enough for this post of yours I am commenting under, my Catholics are going to consecrate a king, a descendant of Saint King Ferdinand, a Silent Bob to whom the community has turned for leadership often. I was going to use the collects of the coronation mass, for one source. What else could I use? I have a fat little book of medieval writings that I found something good in and then lost again, about how wonderful a good king is to have. I'm now looking for it again.

Anyway, hello, thank you for adding me to your blog roll, the company I'm in is very tall!