Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Totus Tuus

That picture is so bad...

Today in the mail, I received my complimentary issue of Totus Tuus issue number 1. The magazine is 'the Postulation's monthly magazine of the Beatification and Canonization Cause of the Servant of God John Paul II'.

In case you can't tell, that's the front cover. It is on its side, turned 90 degrees to the right. At the end of 'Tuus' is a picture of JP reading. At the botton left (in the picture) is JP sitting holding a crucifix to his head.

A quote:

I am actually a Hindu

Today I read the story of the French Nun who was supposedly cured of Parkinsn's by praying to the late Pope. I am not Christian or Cathlic, I am actually a Hindu but I am riveted about the stories of Christ. In the artiche on Cnn.com it was written that you could e-mail requesting a relic of the late Pope. I understand that I am not Christian, therefore if you decide not to I am fine with That. I love my religion and have no thoughts of convertine but i qould be honored if I would be gifted with a thread from his cassock (this is what the artiche said you give).

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