Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Voight on Wojtyla

"I have to tell you, I had a wonderful time doing the Pope, maybe because I understood more than most what he was since I had a Catholic background," he said.

"I was not intimidated to take this role because I did not have to go to school from scratch to be comfortable with the surroundings of the Church. I'd been there before," he said.

He said that looking back on his own life he realized that one of the most important lessons was learning how to use freedom wisely -- one of the late Pope's leitmotivs.

"Free love -- what a poison that was," he said, recalling the 1960s.

"Free love, the destruction of family life and loyalties and the responsibilities of parents, and I've gone through that, so I know ... that balance has to be achieved, you have to understand what freedom really means," he said.

Read the complete article Jon Voight:from aspiring stud to Pope from Reuters.

It's nice to see Hollywood actors getting religion, even if it is 40 years too late.

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