Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Some pragmatism

Rome, Nov. 08 (CWNews.com) - Conflicts between the Holy See and the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow are not close to resolution, the Vatican's top foreign-affairs minister said in a November 8 appearance on Vatican Radio.

Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, who traveled to Moscow in October for talks with both government leaders and Orthodox prelates, said that there are "objective difficulties" between Rome and Moscow, which "require deeper study." Although he described his meetings with Orthodox leaders as "cordial and productive," he did not foresee rapid progress in ecumenical ties.

Read the complete article Rome-Moscow tensions linger, Vatican official says from Catholic World News. Subscription is necessary to read the entire article.

Though optimistic, Archbishop Lajolo's words of caution regarding the rate of progress and the expectations of the Pope travelling to Russia anytime soon are certainly welcome.

I'm definitely hoping and praying for a breakthrough and progress is always great news, whereas a lack of progress is not so great. However, it seems like there's been a lot of wishing going on lately and not enough reality in Catholic-Orthodox relations in the Russian Federation.

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