Tuesday, November 15, 2005

An overview of Concordats

VATICAN CITY, NOV 15, 2005 (VIS) - Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, secretary for Relations with States delivered a speech today at a congress promoted by the Polish embassy to the Holy See on the theme: "The Diplomacy of the Holy See in the Twentieth Century: Types of Concordats."

Read the complete article Holy See diplomacy from Vatican Information Service.

In 'International Politics', a course taught by Professor Hall at the University of Iowa, the primary text was Professor Hall's own book. It was divided up according to the structure of the state at various points in history, such as the state as the personal holdings of the dynast, etc. and the idea of what is sovereign (for instance, Napoleon was the sovereign Emperor of Elba, since he himself was a sovereign).

In reading Archbishop Lajolo's speech on the topic of the diplomacy of the Holy See, those divisions came to mind as the archbishop mentioned various treaties and how they changed in form and subject over time with the changing of the types of government with which the Holy See interacted.

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