Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Last night's Frontline

Amy has a short little entry about last night's Frontline episode, 'The Last Abortion Clinic'. The show's site can be found here.

The show was pretty biased (it's PBS after all). My reaction at the end of the show was not what the producers intended, I'm sure. The lady said in reference to the pro-choice movement, "We're losing." My reply was, "Good."

The show also had another effect that I think the producers may have not intended. When the camera was in the exam room at the public health clinic in Clarksdale, MS, the nurse was talking to the young girl who was there about her situation and it was noted that the child she was carrying would be her fourth. I think it was the nurse later who said this or perhaps it was someone else, but it was said that these girls are poor, they have no access to birth control and no access to an abortion clinic, so they are left to keep on having children because they have no other choice...

My reaction went something like this...


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