Sunday, November 27, 2005

Getting up to speed

I return. I thank those of you who left well-wishes. They are much appreciated.

How that I'm back home, I'll be getting back into the swing of things.

First, on the 24th, the Vatican negotiators met with their Israeli counterparts in the first meeting after the Holy Father's hosting of the Israeli president. According to news sources, the meeting was cordial and progress (undefined) was made. No date was set for tne next round of talks, though all were looking forward to them.

Second, the document dealing with homosexuals has been floating around for awhile now. It's pretty obvious that people are going to read into it whatever they want.

1. There are those who don't think it goes far enough and that it leaves too much wiggle room.
2. There are those who think it is just fine.
3. There are those who think that it is very harsh.

I have yet to see anyone point at the wiggle room and comment on it in a positive light. Surely there are some pragmatists out there somewhere?

In other news, today is the First Sunday of Advent and there are only twenty-eight days to Christmas.

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