Friday, November 11, 2005

Christianity in Iran

ROMA, November 11, 2005 – At the very moment when Iran is more at the center of the world’s attention than ever – on account of its nuclear weapons program and its restatement of its desire to eliminate the state of Israel – even the Vatican, which is usually prudent diplomatically, has made a little foray out of its customary silence.

Read the complete article The Church Breaks its Silence over the Islam of the Ayatollahs from www.chiesa.

For a long time, I was hoping that the Iranians would rise up against the Council of Guardians and overthrow the theocratic regime that rules their country. But the frustration over Khatami's inability to do much of anything and the continued removal of reform candidates from the ballot for Parliament by the Guardian Council has just led to this period of stagnation.

I don't know what the conditions are first-hand in Iran, but I would say that Iran has entered a period similar to China. Rather than have some revolution leading directing to some form of real democracy, the Iranians will slowly coast forward while the Shi'ite clergy hangs onto power for as long as possible.

Hopefully along the way, the Christians of Iran will survive and eventually thrive.

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