Thursday, January 04, 2007

That's nice

Octave of the Holy Innocents
General: Feria
USA: Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

AKI cites a story today in La Repubblica on a new book coming out by Father Leonardo Sapienza, the head of protocol at the Prefecture of the Pontifical House. The book, Pro-vocations - Aphorisms for an anticonformist Christianity, "lists about a thousand of the author's most famous aphorisms - such as 'I can resist everything except temptation' - along with those of a less famous and equally provocative writer, Nicolas Gomez Davila, a Colombian Christian who died in 1994."

The article is short and there's probably more in La Repubblica on how exactly this book is a rehabilitation. After all, a priest could publish a book of some of the wittier aphorisms of Nietzsche, but that wouldn't necessarily be a rehabilitation of Mr. 'God is dead'.

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