Thursday, January 11, 2007

Awards day

From the Kuwait News Agency, we have this story:

VATICAN CITY, Jan 10 (KUNA) -- Pope Benedict XVI awarded Kuwait Ambassador to the state of Vatican Ahmed Abdul-Karim al-Ibrahim a grand badge of honor Wednesday in recognition of his effort to enhance Kuwait-Vatican ties.

The Vatican City assigned three days for the farewell ceremonies of al-Ibrahim who ended his tenure as Kuwait top diplomat to the Vatican.

Vatican Foreign Minister Pope Monsieur Mapriti handed Al-Ibrahim the "Grand Cross of Saint Georgiou, the Great" on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI during a ceremony held here for the occasion.

He hailed the warm relation between Kuwait and Vatican and praised the effort made by al-Ibrahim to enhance the ties between the two sides and boost dialogue between Islam and Christianity.

For his part, al-Ibrahim conveyed best regards of His Highness Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Muhammad al-Ahmed al-Sabah to Vatican Prime Minister Cardinal Tartchisiu Birtoni.

Kuwait is keen on pushing forward the dialogue and understanding among all religions in the interest of world peace and stability, said al-Ibrahim who represented Kuwait to Vatican since 2000.

Just about everyone gets along with Kuwait. Kuwait is also one of the few Middle-Eastern countries that has granted political freedom for women (voting, standing as candidates, etc.). There is a generation of boys in Kuwait today named 'George Bush' after the country's famed liberator Bush 41 (I recall reading that somewhere, don't quote me on it).

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