Monday, January 29, 2007

The one man show

Daily Herald:

“I’ve served three popes and done what I was told. I blessed myself with one hand and counted their money with the other. They wanted to arrest me. They couldn’t ’cause I had Vatican diplomatic immunity … but they fought that every day. I outlasted ’em.”

Those words will be spoken this coming weekend by Paul Marcinkus, which may seem odd because the notorious Catholic archbishop from Cicero has been dead for nearly a year.

They won’t be spoken from the grave, rather by an actor in a one-man stage drama entitled “Marcinkus.”

That's about it actually. The article is just rehash of all the theories and such that have been alleged over the years. It makes much of the idea that the archbishop had John Paul I strangled.

The playwrite:

“Nobody could get this guy (Marcinkus) to say anything,” Flannery told me. “So all we’re really left with is the evil our imaginations could conjure up. And based on what the guy was accused of, that’s enough for about 50 plays.”

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