Thursday, January 04, 2007

He spoiled our party: or how to get yourself a libel suit

VATICAN CITY (ANSA) - Swiss Guards Commander Elmar Theodore Maeder has denied reports that his attempts to stifle the corps' New Year celebrations caused unrest. The colonel said the reports of friction in the ranks published by British daily The Independent were "all false".

The Independent quoted an anonymous Guard, who complained Maeder imposed a midnight curfew on festivities and confiscated 20 bottles of wine.

The source even suggested the commander then used the wine at his own private end-of-year bash.

"No orders were given for New Year's Eve, apart from the one extending the time of return to the barracks," Maeder said in a statement.

The commander threatened to take legal action against "those who have spread this false news that damages the good name of the Swiss Guards".

Bolding is mine of course. This kind of story is just so easy to confirm unless they're all living under a code of silence. It's funny how the press comes up with stuff like this. The anonymous guard should either come out or shut up (if he even exists). He's volunteered for the position he is in and that includes taking orders.

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