Sunday, January 21, 2007

Apocalypses and disaster movies on the same night: bad

Father Elijah: An Apocalypse was slightly disconcerting. The events of the novel take place in the last year of the millennium as a priest who lives in a monastery in Israel is called to Rome because the Pope wants him to go see the newly elected leader of the European Union to convert him back to the Faith. The Pope and his senior lieutenants are convinced that this leader, who is very rich, very powerful, very influential worldwide, through his efforts to bring about a world government and a casting off of any kind of faith in an exterior divinity in favor of an interior humancentric divinity will bring about the reign of the Anti-Christ.

O'Brien's story was well constructed and his characters were well designed, if slightly one-dimensional here and there. Obviously, they served a purpose and didn't need to be more than they were. The main character was of course the most well thought out of them all.

Of course, this book is old and I expect many of you out there have read it already. But it's new to me, right? I finished this book in the evening and then I went out to watch TV for awhile. The movie Deep Impact was on. Comets flying into the earth and all that. Quite disconcerting.

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Jeff Miller said...

He also has a prequel to Fr. Elijah and the loose series contains six books. I have only read Fr. Elijah and Eclipse of the sun, but want to get around to the others also.