Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fall out II

Within the Octave of the Epiphany

This morning there are several stories out there on the 'national crisis' and 'greater accusations' in Poland.

Indianapolis Star:
Polish leader: Catholic Church spy scandal is 'national crisis'

The Ledger:
In Poland, New Wave of Charges Against Clerics

I don't have a whole lot to say now. The Poles will have to sort it out themselves. Amy Welborn quoted a piece by George Weigel in Newsweek:

The Catholic Church thus has everything to gain by turning the Wielgus affair into an opportunity to deal with the IPN archives in a serious way, making a clean breast of its modern history while helping shape a sophisticated public understanding of the nature of life under totalitarianism—which is already being forgotten among too many Poles (not to mention Westerners). By the same token, Polish Catholicism has a lot to lose, if it does not take the responsibility to tell the full truth about its recent history—and the potential damage reaches far beyond the court of public opinion. For, if every piece of paper in the IPN’s archive is duplicated in Moscow, then the Catholic Church in Poland will be open to blackmail for the foreseeable future, if it does not take the lead in clarifying the truth about its past, with both its glories and failures.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Watcher,

It is amazing that so many people still fail to understand the Machiavellan nature of the Vatican and Christian leaders throughout history. The Prince was inspired by Machiavelli's years working in the Vatican for the Borgia clan. Just as we have seen with the recent spate of revelations regarding the American religious right and the Republican party, religious and secular leadership have always conspired against the populations they jointly manipulate to gain wealth and power. Whether we look at Communism, Fascism, Democracies, or Monarchies, the leaders of most religions, but most especially the faiths of Abraham, are always in bed with those in power. While pretending to help those they preach to, these scoundrels are regularly involved in blatant deception and duplicity.

The time is long past for those who still support these cabals of liars to get a clue about the true nature of the Vatican and religion in general. These people have never been trustworthy and little has changed throughout history.

Here is Wisdom...

Jacob said...

Uh, no.

Machiavelli worked against the Medici/Vatican and was removed from his position in Florence after the Medici restoration backed by Julius II.

But thanks for playing.