Monday, February 20, 2006

Wouldn't it be nice?

The United States' Powerball Lottery prize that was won on Saturday night was $365 million, the largest prize in the history of the lottery.

I wasted a few dollars on two changes to win, though the odds of doing so are at about 146 million to 1. In my spare moments, I was considering just what I would do with my millions. It was an interesting experience.

Aside from my medical expenses and other necessities of life, my first thought was how my parish and diocese would deal with a sudden contribution of tens of millions of dollars. Would I spread it out or take care of it in one fell swoop?

In my more frivolous moments, I was considering how much I would have to contribute to the new parish church that is being planned in a suburb of Iowa City that ensure that its design is not as bad as the parish's current building.

Then of course, there was the obligatory pilgrimages to Rome and Jerusalem...

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