Thursday, February 02, 2006

A break from the action

Cardinal George left behind accusations of cover-ups and incompetence and went north to Milwaukee to speak as part of the Pallium Lecture Series up there.

George's lecture, titled "At the Holy Center: Pope Benedict XVI" addressed the new pope's role as leader of the Catholic Church and what issues he is likely to address.

After addressing the process of electing a new pope, George outlined what Benedict's mission will be during his papacy.

"Pope Benedict XVI wants to be a peacemaker," George said. "He is concerned with unity."

It is the theme of unity, held together by love, that is the basis for the pope's first encyclical, according to George.

"It is no wonder his first encyclical is about love," George said. "It comes from his desire for peace."

The encyclical, titled "Deus Caritas Est" or "On Christian Love-God is Love" was released Jan. 25. It discusses the self-giving love of God and how humans can practice that type of love in their earthly relationships, according to George.

The pope, motivated by love, points out that the Church must work with other charities for the well being of all humans, George said.

"He will be a servant of the truth, a servant of unity. A witness of God's love to the world and divine charity," George said.

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