Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's all relative, so why get worked up, right?

ANKARA, Turkey, FEB. 7, 2006 ( A teen-ager accused with killing an Italian missionary priest admitted to police that he was influenced by the recently published caricatures of Mohammed, NTV Turkish television reported.

Read the complete article Teen Arrested in Killing Cites Mohammed Cartoons from

This is the third point of the Holy See's response to the cartoons:

3. However, it must be said immediately that the offenses caused by an individual or an organ of the press cannot be imputed to the public institutions of the corresponding country, whose authorities might and should intervene eventually according to the principles of national legislation. Therefore, violent actions of protest are equally deplorable. Reaction in the face of offense cannot fail the true spirit of all religion. Real or verbal intolerance, no matter where it comes from, as action or reaction, is always a serious threat to peace.

Father Andrea Santoro is the victim of a crime that's not any worse than the 'crime' of depicting Muhammad with a bomb on his head... Right?

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