Thursday, February 23, 2006

The (other) list

At Neil Young's Film Lounge, Neil maintains a list of Papabili. The previous version of the list, compiled at the time of the election of Benedict XVI, also included in interesting breakdown of the Brazilian cardinals as far as their Papabili-status.

Neil's interests are quite eclectic; a geriatic folk rocker who maintains a site dedicated to film and also keeps up a list of the top candidates for Pope...

With the upcoming consistory and new cardinals being added to the mix, Neil updated the and included quite a few new names to the top five.

1. Norberto Rivera Carrera (1942) Mexico
The Cardinal-Archbishop of Mexico City remains atop the list. Cardinal Rivera Carrera has recently come under some criticism here for his comments on the US-Mexico border.

2. Juan Cipriani Thorne (1943) Peru
Cardinal Cipriani Thorne was on the list last time around and in the top five. With the removal of a few front-runners, the Archbishop of Lima is now number two.

3. Jose da Cruz Policarpo (1936) Portugal
Making an appearance in the top five for the first time is the Patriarch of Lisbon.

4. Angelo Scola (1941) Italy
Making his own debut in the top five is Angelo Scola, the Patriarch of Venice and the founder of Oasis, the magazine dedicated to east-west dialogue. In the last Synod, Scola served as relator, a post that some regard as a major stepping stone to the papacy.

5. Antonio Canizares Llovera (1945) Spain
Closing out the list is the Archbishop of Toledo. He is a cardinal-designate and will receive his red hat on March 24th. Canizares Llovera is the one of the first cardinals of Benedict XVI. As primate of the Church in Spain, Llovera presided over the massive protests against the legalization of same-sex marriage in the Spanish Cortes.

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