Thursday, February 09, 2006

And the Church thinks Europe is bad off

The number of Japanese who killed themselves in suicide pacts made over the internet rose sharply last year.

Police said 91 people died in the pacts in 2005, compared to 55 in 2004 and 34 in 2003, when the records started.

Alarm at the rise has led to increased vigilance by internet service providers, who now report suspected suicide pacts to the authorities.

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, and the pacts may appeal to those scared to die alone.

Police figures showed 34 internet-arranged suicide pacts were recorded last year. Of the 91 people who died, 54 were men and 37 were women, with most being in their twenties or thirties.

But the number of cases may now be falling. Twenty of the 34 cases took place in the first three months of last year, before internet service providers started working with the authorities to tackle the problem.

Read the complete article Web suicide pacts surge in Japan from BBC News.

Japan is now where Europe would be, except for the fact that Europe allows immigrants and Japan doesn't hardly at all.

Pay attention, everyone, to the Japanese. They are in a culture that is in terminal decline. Unless they have a baby boom starting now, it's not going to go very well for them over the next half-century.

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