Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Word (from Rome, not /the/ Word)

John Allen (whose book on Opus Dei I'm currently reading (full disclosure, you know how it goes) and am enjoying) got back from his vacation silence to post a new 'Word' for January 6th.

It can be found here.

Some of it is familiar. Some of it is new. The most interesting are the comments on the 2005 conclave by an anonymous (surprise surprise!) Brazilian cardinal who alleges that the Holy Father orchestrated his election to the papacy with the (dare I say nefarious) help of the Roman Curia and Opus Dei.

Mr. Allen with his usual style pokes a lot of holes in such allegations and reaffirms the idea that then-Cardinal Ratzinger was ready to pack it in and head home to Bavaria to write in retirement.

I'm taking John Allen's word over that of the cardinal (sorry, Your Eminence).

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