Saturday, January 07, 2006

Getting some press of his own

Foreign Policy, one of those expensive current events magazines, has a profile of Sandro Magister, the professor of church history at an Italian university who moonlights as one of the leading Vaticanisti (or is that the other way around?).

The profile (which is archived and only subscribers can see) is written by Stacy Meichtry, a fellow Vaticanista.

After visiting UPS and finding out their store is closed on Saturdays (though their website says otherwise), I visited my local Barnes & Noble to use some more credit from my gift card. I took the opportunity to read the piece on Magister. It's an informative look at the man's place in the food chain of reporting on the Vatican (he's close to if not at the top). His outlet is well-known for its leftist leadings, but Magister is equally well-known for his support for a 'muscular', centralized papacy.

Subscribe or grab the magazine and park yourself in a nearby chair and take a look.

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