Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More from Our Lady

In the comments for the previous post on this subject, a person who apparently attends Our Lady posted the following. I thought I'd make sure it is well-seen, as the information is quite a bit different from what's presented in the Post article.

Since I go to this church and I'm pretty curious with what other people have to say, I'm very glad that I found your post to this. It gave me another view of everything that's going on.

I don't believe that it's racism but it wasn't just because Fr Fest wanted to "keep order". He came in and took away a majority of our traditions--things that are Catholic doctrine and that are tradition. When we didn't like it, we said so and he told us that it was his way or the highway. Order was kept; the group that did the picket line was no kin to Alston's group. They were comprised of people who hadn't been there in months, many before Fest was put in.
The man he put in power? He wasn't wanted from the start. He came to us because of a scandal with him in New Orleans and is only here to stay because the Archdioses wants him in. Not because he does good work or helps people.
Nobody cares that this religion has this or this religion has that. All we care about is having a little order and a compromise or two.

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