Friday, January 27, 2006

The (rite of) Passage

Mr. Harper, the soon-to-be Prime Minister of Canada, met with the US ambassador, who wished to convey the US position on Canada asserting its sovereignty over the far north (don't get uppity and claim territory that isn't yours).

Mr. Harper replied in an assertive fashion (and I paraphrase), "I was elected by Canadians, not by the President of the United States!"

The far north is becoming a big deal as the polar ice cap shrinks, opening a possible Northwest Passage starting at Greenland and going over to the Bering Strait. In years past, it had been suggested that massive submarines be built with large cargo areas to travel under the cap. But thanks to climate change, the world is supposedly warming (tell that to Russia and Eastern Europe this past week).

Mr. Harper gains for himself some credibility as not being a US stooge and he's not even Prime Minister yet.

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