Thursday, January 19, 2006

A new tandem forms

Alejandro Bermudez, the director of Catholic News Agency, began a blog on 3 January called Catholic Outsider, which is hosted by CNA.

Bermudez's insights are definitely worth reading; next time I update the sidebar, you'll find the link.

Aside from the content, what I find most interesting about this blog is the niche it is building for itself in the Vaticanisti world. For example, in Sandro Magister's column from today, down at the botton in the associated notes and links, in note 7, Magister points the reader to Bermudez's blog post that critically examines Paul Elie's analysis in this month's Atlantic Monthly.

This citing of each other could be due simply because of Bermudez's reference to Magister first and then Magister returning the favor on the same topic (what Magister refers to in today's column as the 'black legends of the conclave'). However, in Magister's post at his own blog on Bermudez's new effort, the praise flows:

To its blog - that it is in English language - Bermudez has given to the title it: "Catholic Outsider". Its declared attempt is to watch the facts of the Church in the United States and Europe with the eye of that it is "outside": and for this he is able to bring to light aspects that a western one has more difficulty to see. The new one blog of Bermudez has only little days of life: has left slid 3 January. But it is prevailed of overhong like an obliged reading, for who wants to explore the life of the Church. If you the cables with its easy and cleaned up English, you include endured "Catholic Outsider" between your preferred ones!

That is a really hideous translation via Altavista's Babelfish, but one gets the sense that Magister is quite delighted at this new blog.

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