Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Weeping statue won't face scrutiny

A statue of the Virgin Mary that appears to be weeping blood is drawing hundreds of people to a small Catholic church in California.

The red streak on the face of the statue at the Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs Church outside Sacramento first appeared Nov. 9. After a priest wiped it off, it reappeared on Nov. 20, the Sacramento Bee said.

Many experts say the red stain is either a hoax or a naturally occurring effect. But the faithful still make their way to the church, carrying lighted candles after dark.

People are anxious to see something tangible, writer Joe Nickell told the Bee. Rather than go to church and maybe hear a sermon, you could just go be near a miracle.

The Sacramento diocese does not plan to investigate the statue.

The article 'Weeping' madonna draws crowds to church is from The bolding is of course mine.

So there won't be an investigation. That of course is tacit approval of the statue, since the diocese is showing no interest in discrediting it if it is in fact a hoax.

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