Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Watch on Kiev

It's been awhile since we've heard from Cardinal Husar.

Kiev, December 19, Interfax - The head of the UGCC, Cardinal Lubomir Husar, has again spoken for establishing one Local Church in Ukraine.

‘The Churches have not been established by officials, but by Jesus Christ. We as Christians should unite, and it is our tragedy that we are still separated’, Cardinal Husar said at a press conference in Kiev on Monday.

Read the complete article Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, transfer of his residence to Kiev has helped considerably to Ukrainian Churches to come closer together from Interfax.

The quote above is the basic gist of the article. Husar merely expresses the same thought in several different permutations. The last few paragraphs describe the status of the cathedral-church that is being constructed in Kiev.

You'll all remember the last time Cardinal Husar spoke out on a coming together of the Ukrainian confessions. The article here provides a bit more detail in that Husar seems to not be looking for a unified church so much as everyone working together for the common Christian goal, Perhaps he sees such cooperation as the preliminary move toward securing a united patriarchate.

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