Tuesday, December 06, 2005

On the sainthood issue

A long-time reader sent me the following email, which I quote with permission.

To me the important reason to put the brakes on this would-be express to canonization is the need to restore the pre-JP II rules for canonization...he lowered the bar and made sainthood cheap,and letting him take advantage of his mistakes rather than be penalized for them would compound his blunder.

Bring back the extra miracle requirements and the Advocatus Diaboli!

I pretty much agree with it. Benedict XVI has begun the process by no longer presiding over beatification Masses, but more substantive revision of the process would be a good thing. It's not like true saints need the instant recognition in order to intercede for us down here on earth.

Secular culture is often criticized as the culture of instant gratification. Shouldn't the Church remind us of the virtue that the best things come to those who wait?

Anyone else care to sound off?

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