Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I knew I knew that name from somewhere

Rocco has posted a couple times lately on the change of leadership at the North American College in Rome (I don't have the links handy). Rector Monsignor Kevin McCoy left his post earlier this month (in the middle of the term) for a post in Washington, DC to direct the college's capital campaign.

Whispers in the Loggia has speculation on why McCoy suddenly changed jobs.

Where I know Monsignor McCoy? For a number of years when official diocesan announcements were published in The Globe, along with +Lawrence D. Soens, Bishop etc. would be Kevin McCoy, Chancellor.

Yes, I know, I should have picked this up long ago, but as my family can testify, I'm lousy with name recognition... Thankfully, my grandparents had their copy of the diocesan newspaper in one of the usual spots. I picked it up and read the piece on the monsignor on page one, top right column.

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