Monday, February 12, 2007

Waiting for peace


Rome (AsiaNews) - The 12 February issue of the influential weekly America, published by US Jesuits, carries an article (its cover article) titled "A New Treaty for the Holy Land?", written by Arieh Cohen, a frequent contributor to AsiaNews from Tel Aviv.

The article calls for consideration of the possibility of achieving legal security for the Church in the Holy Land through a multilateral treaty that would include a mechanism for "monitoring and enforcement," and which would apply to both Jerusalem and the two national States, Israel and the future Palestinian State.

The need to consider this, the article says, arises from the observation that, while the "question of Jerusalem" remains unresolved, the pioneering attempts to secure the freedoms and rights of the Church in the two national States through bilateral Agreements have not yet given practical results. The Palestinian State is not yet in existence, and the Holy See's 1993 Fundamental Agreement with Israel has not yet been written into that State's laws, making it in practice unenforceable in Israel.

But a proposal for a multilateral treaty for Jerusalem does exist, and was discussed in the late 1990's by diplomats of several countries, and it could be enlarged to cover religious freedom and respect for the Church's historic rights in the two national States as well. This does not mean that the ongoing efforts to perfect the bilateral Agreements should or could be given up, the writer observes, but that it might be useful to study a multilateral alternative.

This suggestion is an interesting one. If it is meant as a final completion of the process going on now, it would certainly be worth pursuing.


Louis E. said...

Despite the pressure from a Western community thirsty for Arab oil and fearful of offending its providers,a just peace in the Middle East must be founded on the permanent preclusion,not fulfillment,of the demand for an Arab state in Palestine.
The invention from whole cloth of the fiction that the Arabs of geographic Palestine are "the Palestinian people",a nationality distinct from all surrounding Arabs entitled to a separate state,is terrorist from its beginnings (in the 1920s,before which the nationalism of those people expressed itself as demands to be united with Syria) and terrorist to its core.Its cornerstone is objection to the presence of Jews and without that poisonous backbone it collapses.

David Ben-Ariel said...

The Holy See and the State of Israel are engaging in treacherous talks about Mt. Zion and Israeli collaborators are even agreeing to submit to UN Resolution 181 that will strip Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and supplant it with German-Jesuit puppets.

Jerusalem is going to suffer EU/UN occupation!

Startling review of the Vatican Agenda

Jacob said...


Even if (key word there is 'if') the Holy See was pursuing a course of action such as you allude to in your various posts, we both know quite well that a transfer of Jerusalem would never happen. Unless you know of secret armies the Pope has been hoarding somewhere?