Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What will those secularists say next?

national secular society (which does not capitalize its name at its website, so why should I?):

Italians Give The Pope A Kick In The Pants

First paragraph:
Pope Ratzinger spent most of last week hysterically berating the Italian government for bringing forward a new partnership law that gives legal rights to unmarried cohabiting heterosexual couples and to homosexual couples. Italy’s most senior cardinal, Camillo Ruini, then announced that he would issue an ‘official note’ to Catholics, asking them to make “a personal commitment to defend marriage and oppose de facto couples”. That was seen as a direct call on Catholic lawmakers to vote against the bill.

Second paragraph:
But a new poll shows that the Vatican is out of step with public opinion in Italy. [...]

Kick in the pants, hysterically berating... A good smile is needed before going into Lent. ;)

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Louis E. said...

As a secularist (but emphatically not atheist),I see responsible public policy to ensure that legal preference is granted to married opposite-sex couples over unmarried opposite-sex couples,and unmarried opposite-sex couples over same-sex couples.To imply equality rather than an order of preference sends a very harmful message.
(Where do they get the ranking of Ruini as "Italy's most senior cardinal",anyway?Sodano has the highest precedence and Ce has been a cardinal the longest...BISHOPS' CONFERENCES AREN'T EVERYTHING!)