Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sorry, Cyril and Methodius

Saint Valentine
Saints Cyril and Methodius

It really is too bad that the Church had to dump St. Valentine from February 14th in favor of St. Cyril and his brother St. Methodius. It's true, Cyril did die on the 14th, but still. On a day that is known as 'Valentine's Day' throughout the West and even portions of the Muslim world, the brother-apostles to the Slavs seem destined to be relegated to weekday memorial Masses while the rest of the world is busy giving and receiving chocolate and flowers (and lingerie and sex in the hypersexualized-media culture, but we don't need to go there).

Divorcing the Saints Valentine from their day can only lead to the further spiral downward away from the Christian origin to the day into commercial hell. The Holy Father's letter for Lent dealing with love is well-times to have been released the day before Saint Valentine's Day.

So say a prayer for all three Valentines and Cyril and Methodius.

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