Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Heart Day!

I was casually browsing through Valentine's Day cards even though I don't have a young lady to whom to send one (ladies take note). I noticed a trend.

Happy Heart Day in place of Happy Valentine's Day.

Obviously, the word 'Valentine' was all over the place, but there was some advertising for this 'Heart Day' along with one of the cards that I looked at saying on the inside, "Happy Heart Day."

Is this some kind of move away from the Christian origin of the day (even though the day of love has little to do with the three Roman martyrs who were honored on February 14 before they were liquidated from the General Roman Calendar)? Are we seeing another Christmas-secularization?


Louis E. said...

I think that heart-disease research groups are trying to capitalize on the holiday,I know I saw something recently where women wore red dresses to draw attention to heart disease issues.
The "secular" point is made by not calling it SAINT Valentine's Day,after all.

Jacob said...


Thanks for the observation on the heart disease angle. As far as the secular point on dropping 'saint', you never know. Those die-hard atheist-secularists of the world will push as far as they can.