Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Daily Mail
While Vatican spokesmen gave assurances that the retired Pope will never interfere with the appointment or decisions of the new one, Benedict’s brother Georg Ratzinger said that ‘where he’s needed he will make himself available’ and added that the next Pontiff ‘may ask for advice’.

It was also revealed that, far from retiring to a life of contemplation in a distant monastery, Benedict will live inside the Vatican in a specially-prepared apartment block.
The DM's article is probably overblown.  But the point is valid because I thought the same things myself when I first read Benedict XVI would be close at hand and available.  So, there will a new Pope.  There will be Cardinals.  And there will be a Cardinal who is also an... ex-Pope.  Immediately, I'm thinking perhaps His Holiness wishes to engender a collegial atmosphere at the very top, to share the burden.  As they say, it's lonely up there.  So having someone else there who knows what it's like, that experience shouldn't be wasted.  I can understand that if that's the thinking.

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