Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict "will not interfene in successor's affairs"


Pope Benedict XVI will not interfere in the affairs of his successor after his decision to resign later this month, the pontiff's brother has said.

Georg Ratzinger told the BBC the Pope would only "make himself available" if he were needed.

Benedict XVI will bid farewell to his followers in a final audience in St Peter's Square on 27 February, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi has said.

The Pope was to retire to the papal residence at Castel Gandolfo when he leaves office, the Vatican said, before moving into a renovated monastery used by cloistered nuns for "a period of prayer and reflection".

"He'll stay in Rome and will certainly have some duties and of course will continue to educate himself intellectually and theologically," Georg Ratzinger told the BBC.

Those are the salient points in an article that basically sums up what is already known.  The final audience is going to be crazy.  Back when the pontificate began in 2005, I read a lot about how Benedict was drawing greater and greater numbers to his audiences compared to John Paul II>  I wonder how long that trend continued and if it merely plateaued or trended back down.

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