Monday, February 11, 2013

Conclave 2013: First Thoughts

Catholic Hierarchy has the full list of cardinal-electors and people have begun looking at papabili.  I agree with the general sentiment that there are no names jumping out at the moment.  Certainly, aside from the thought that the will of the Holy Ghost will be done, a lot of people familiar with the college have their favorites.

On the conservative and/or traditional side, names like Burke, Ranjith, and Bagnasco (due to his being a disciple of Cardinal Siri) have been mentioned along with non-cardinal outsider Athanasius Schneider (known for his defense of Communion on the tongue and calling for a new Syllabus to clarify Vatican II).

On the "progressive" side, I can't think of any names off the top of my head.  Looking at the cardinals on the progressive side listed in Samuel's bookmakers' odds post, none of them are young enough to qualify. 

After the election of Cardinal Ratzinger in 2005, it's pointless to try to decide just what the college will look for as far as "conservative" or "progressive".  I really think it will come down to age: anyone over the age of seventy-five is in my mind not a serious papabile.

Samuel: I agree with Jacob's last point here.  In the "BREAKING" post, the link in the third update goes on about how Benedict never had a chance because he is the pope who followed John Paul.  I would think maybe the next pope would be chosen young enough to really put his stamp on things and not just administer. 

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