Wednesday, April 16, 2008

US: Yep, it's about what I expected

The speech to the bishops...

It was pretty cool, the first third or half of it. Then at 6 pm local time, CNN cut away for Lou Dobbs. So I switched over to EWTN and yeah, no captions. So right now he's still talking and answering questions, but all I can do is /watch/ him talk. It's entertaining for about five minutes...

The first half of the speech was a general statement on the bishops' role as guides in the secular culture of the US public square. The Holy Father touched upon several points. His point about immigration was a good one: we should welcome immigrants. I agree. He didn't say anything about illegal immigrants, etc. The much anticipated words on the sex abuse scandal must have been in the second half.

Cardinal George's opening remarks were also interesting themselves. I got the distinct impression that he and his fellows were trying hard to look faithful to the pope on national TV before the speech came down upon them.

There, now they seem to be done. Time to go look for a transcript.

EDIT (6:40 PM CDT): NCRegister has excerpts.
EDIT (7:03 PM CDT): The prepared speech and the Q&A at the USCCB.

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