Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A new facility

IC Press-Citizen: St. Patrick's to break ground two years after tornado

In case you don't remember, two years ago, St. Patrick's here in IC was damaged beyond repair by a tornado on Holy Thursday. The parish is relocating to the east side of Iowa City. It's a good move, even if it was brought about by sad reasons. The quotes in the article are interesting though.

The article describes how the new building's construction makes use of various methods that will make it 'greener' and all that.

"It is an opportunity to build a state-of-the-art facility that can carry the church in the 22th century," said [redacted], a member of St. Patrick's since 1996.

"It will be a gathering place for families young and old. It will be a place to develop and deepen relationships," he said.

It's nice that it will be a gathering space and will help deepen relationships for the young and old...

[The pastor] agreed.

"Our dream has been to build a type of facility where youth could be comforted, where we could meet the needs of our parish to prosper and to serve our neighbor," he said.

A 'facility' where youth may be comforted, that allows the parish to prosper and where the parish can serve their neighbors...

No offense, but they're building a church, not a multi-purpose community center. When does the worship of God through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass come in?

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