Thursday, April 17, 2008

US: The Nationals Park Mass

I missed it. Yes, I had an appointment this morning and I was not able to watch. But perhaps God spared me from what I have read on the blogs this afternoon after getting home from my appointment. (I'm deaf, but that was a joke anyway...)

Father Z:
1. Benedict XVI’s sermon at Nationals Stadium
2. A comment on the Holy Father’s Mass at Nationals Stadium
3. Blogs I look at react to the Washington D.C. Mass
4. NLM on the Papal Mass at Nationals Stadium

USCCB Papal Visit Blog: Mass at Nationals Park
This entry has come under fire from Father Z for its deletion of negative comments regarding the Mass this morning.

The New Liturgical Movement:
1. Papal Mass, Nationals Park, Washington [Comments re-opened]
2. Music for the D.C. Mass: The End of an Era, and the Beginning of Something New

After all that, the end conclusion is that the Mass was a travesty and that it is possibly a kind of death-knell for post-Vatican II musical efforts. Time will tell.

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