Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Neil has revised his list

I have linked to and reproduced here at the blog the papabili list at Neil's Film Lounge for several years now. I was checking tonight just to see if it was updated. Lo and behold, it has been updated and given the last consistory, we have some interesting names.

1. Angelo Comastri (1943) Italy
Comastri was included on the list a long time ago, but then he fell off the list and apparently out of favor after a consistory went by and he didn't get the red hat. All that has changed now it seems after the last consistory and His Eminence is now number one to succeed Benedict XVI (whom we pray will lead us for many years to come).

The next few simply moved down a notch.

2. Norberto Rivera Carrera (1942) Mexico
3. Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (1943) Peru
4. Angelo Scola (1941) Italy

And the newcomer to the list is:

5. Angelo Bagnasco (1943) Italy

The cardinal-archbishop of Genoa is the recently appointed president of the Italian bishops' conference, succeeding Cardinal Ruini who soldiers on as vicar of Rome for the Holy Father. Cardinal Bagnasco was chosen for the red hat this last time as well.

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Anura Guruge said...

I wasn't aware of Neil's list. I will check it often from now on.
I had come up with my papabili 2009 in December, based on my research.
Many thanks. Keep up the good work.
Anura Guruge